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Fitbots and Inspire Software

Inspire Software

February 2, 2024

Fitbots and Inspire Software
Joining forces to redefine OKR success with performance management 

Jackson Hole, WYFitbots and Inspire Software, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of performance management technology.

This collaboration brings together Fitbots' expertise in OKRs and Inspire Software's amazing platform with cutting-edge AI-powered tools, offering organizations a holistic performance management solution to optimize their people and processes. In addition, Inspire Software has a new software release next week with exciting new features to help your company grow. 

"At Fitbots, we've always been committed to empowering organizations to unleash their full potential," said Vidya Santhanam, Founder at FitBots. "Joining forces with Inspire Software allows us to evolve OKRs by offering a unified platform that not only helps you set and achieve goals, but also streamlines processes, fosters collaboration, and drives continuous improvement."   

Under this partnership, Inspire Software will now serve as the primary source for new inquiries seeking a holistic performance management platform. Fitbots' existing customers will be able to seamlessly transition to the Inspire platform, ensuring continuity and enhanced features for their performance management needs. 

"This partnership represents a powerful evolution that C- level leaders can use right now," said Chris Wollerman, CEO at Inspire Software. “I started Inspire because I needed it to grow my company and nothing in the market did what I needed.  This is an exciting time for us. With Fitbots' strengths and our advanced AI-powered tools, we are redefining performance management, offering organizations an unparalleled solution to supercharge their people and performance." 

The integrated platform introduces a host of powerful new features in a major software release the first week in February designed to elevate organizational effectiveness by adding: 

AI-driven Goal-Setting Tools: Inspire Software's AI-powered goal-setting tools redefine OKRs by incorporating industry best-practices, ensuring qualitative objectives and measurable key results that align with strategic goals. 

Alignment AI-tools: Seamlessly align organizational, departmental, team, and individual OKRs to ensure everyone moves in the same direction, fostering cohesion and clarity across the organization. 

Performance AI Tools: Streamline performance assessments and 1:1 collaboration with AI-powered tools that reduce bias, save time, and provide actionable insights for career development. 

The partnership between Fitbots and Inspire Software represents a leap forward in performance management technology, offering organizations the tools they need to exceed their revenue and employee retention goals.

For more information about the platform features, contact us today.   

About Fitbots: Fitbots is a leading provider of OKR software, that includes a feature rich goal- setting and management experience.   

About Inspire Software: Inspire Software is a pioneer in performance management software, committed to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their performance and people. Through advanced technology and intuitive solutions, Inspire Software enables companies to drive growth, engagement, and success. 

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