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OKR U Ready to Win?

My mother was a big fan of TV game shows. As a kid I absorbed a lot of The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and other programs promising fabulous prizes to the skilled contestants fortunate enough to slap on an oversized name tag and appear on my television for their 15 minutes of fame.

Although I can’t offer you an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas or a shiny new car, for the sake of some fun and hopefully a little bit of insight, let’s play everybody’s favorite new game, Are You Ready to Implement OKRs? The format is easy: I’ll pose a question, give you multiple answers to choose from, share with you the correct response, and provide a few tidbits on why the right answer is, in fact, correct. Are you ready? Hands on your buzzers, here we go …


What’s holding you back right now? Is it a workforce that’s clearly not aligned around common goals? OKRs can help with that. Perhaps it’s a lack of engagement. OKRs can help with that as well. What matters most is taking the time to carefully consider your unique reasons for using OKRs and broadly communicating that rationale so there’s no doubt as to how OKRs will position you for ongoing success.


So how did you do? Is confetti raining down as you swoon over today’s grand prize, or would you have to settle for the consolation gift of a compact microwave oven? Time to cue the music and roll the credits. Until next time, this is Paul Niven signing off from your favorite game…say it with me…“Are You Ready to Implement OKRs?”