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4 Reasons Remote Team Leaders Need to Implement Employee Recognition

Jason Diamond Arnold

April 16, 2020

Employee recognition has long been recognized as a powerful tool for leaders to increase engagement and elevate performance. But leadership during a time of crisis goes beyond simply acknowledging good work. It looks to move toward a more human level of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of employees. Right now, it’s time to elevate recognition by demonstrating an authentic appreciation for individuals and the work they are doing during this unprecedented time in world history.

Meaningful recognition acknowledges a person’s inherent value to the organization, and helps them understand how their role is making a meaningful contribution during difficult times. Reminding employees that they are valued and appreciated is an important duty for leaders across every level of an organization, especially when a large portion of your workforce is working virtually. By giving regular appreciative recognition, your people may be “out of sight,” but proper recognition helps keep them from feeling “out of mind.”

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Here are 4 reasons why recognizing and appreciating your people during these challenging times will help keep your business operating at a high level during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Keep Employees Happy and Engaged

Employee recognition goes beyond just acknowledging a job well done. Take the time to listen to how your employees are doing personally during these challenging times. Explore how the change in the workflow is affecting their workload — paying close attention to their needs is a meaningful way to show that you appreciate them and their well-being as humans. When employees feel that their leaders are paying attention to their needs, they’re more likely to feel engaged and happy, regardless of their circumstances.

An effective way to accomplish this is to maintain your regular one-to-one conversations, taking time to check in with them beyond their goals and tasks. Regular conversations, even through Zoom or Performance software, is a good way to listen carefully to the changing needs of your team members, maintain a close rapport, and vocalize your appreciation in a virtual environment.

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2. Transparency is Even More Important Now

Transparency is always a key method for building trust, but when teams are isolated, transparency becomes more important than ever. Keep the lines of communication open — not just between leaders and their people, but peer-to-peer and from the executive level, too. When recognition comes from peers, as well as leadership, everyone will feel better about pulling together to get through this difficult season in life and in business.

Similarly, the more active executive level members are during this time, the better employees will feel about the organization, and trust develops through an understanding of the impact the crisis is having on the organization. Transparency in this time is the best way to see and feel seen. Recognition from the top reassures employees that every level of the organization is paying attention and keeping everyone informed.

3. Recognition is the Key to Building Relationships

An employee who feels recognized, is one who values their relationship with their leader. Trust is a foundation for a strong relationship, which is manifested through more effective communication, and a mutual respect and understanding of each other. When an employee feels connected to their leader, engagement, loyalty, and trust in the organization increases.

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4. Coming Back Together Will Be Easier

While we aren’t sure how long we’ll be working from home, there will be a time at the end of this when we all come back together. By implementing a culture of recognition now, leaders can ensure that their teams stay in touch and remain cohesive, no matter what the circumstances are.

An added bonus to practicing effective employee recognition during this time is that it will boost your retention rate for those organizations that are able to retain their employees throughout this period. With so much uncertainty right now, individuals who feel more connected to their teams, their leaders, and their organization will have higher levels of intention to stay with the organization. Those who feel isolated, unseen, and unrecognized, will be a higher risk for leaving the organization.

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