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AI-Powered Performance Management: How To Maximize Your Performance

Jason Diamond Arnold

October 10, 2023

The way work gets done is changing rapidly with remote work and AI integration. At Inspire Software, we believe in the critical synergy between people and performance. Good performance management is essential to overcoming challenges, motivating employees, and retaining valuable talent. Using cutting-edge performance management software powered by generative AI technology can help conquer performance challenges and propel your company toward peak profitability.

Here are seven suggestions on how to improve performance and achieve better business results with assistance from generative AI technology:

1.  Evolve from Industrial Age Performance Philosophies

Traditional performance management processes must be updated and suitable for today's workforce. The old model of doing performance reviews is a relic of the industrial age model for performance, which often emphasized control, hierarchy, and an assembly line approach to analyze productivity. That model doesn’t work in a modern knowledge workforce. Today’s performance assessment process must sync with today's diverse and dynamic demands.

Modern companies are moving to regular, weekly, or bi-weekly check-ins and AI-assisted one-to-one performance conversations that develop a culture of open communication, transparency, growth, and agility. This approach can be taken to even higher levels of effectiveness when the process aligns with best practices in leadership strategic execution that are essential for companies to thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

2.  Don’t Skip Performance Agreements

Skipping Performance Agreements due to time constraints may seem like a quick solution, but it can harm employee motivation and stunt your organization's growth. Successful companies recognize the importance of performance agreements in establishing clear and mutual expectations for performance.

We recommend investing in a performance management platform that uses AI technology to help create effective Performance Agreements and establish transparent expectations for exceptional performance during a defined cycle. With AI solutions that align with leadership and performance best practices, you can save time and be more effective in creating performance agreements while ensuring everyone is well-prepared to pursue their objectives.

3.  Take the Time to Set Goals

Rushing the goal-setting process can lead to chaos in a performance cycle. Employees need the time and tools to set clear objectives that resonate with individual aspirations and align with team and organizational objectives.

Establishing clear and agreed-upon performance expectations through well-defined goals can positively impact employee engagement, accountability, and alignment with organizational objectives. When committing to setting practical goals across an organization, investing in a performance platform that uses generative AI features to save time and draw from best practices in goal-setting methodologies that emphasize the synergy between people and performance for sustained success is essential.

4.  Set SMARTer Goals

Successful performance management hinges on setting well-crafted goals. Mere objectives won't cut it; leaders must establish clear goals. Unclear, unrealistic, or irrelevant goals can hinder performance improvement, creating confusion, frustration, and disengaged employees. The contemporary goal-setting approach involves SMART goals: Specific, Motivating, Achievable, Relevant, and Trackable. These goals provide a clear roadmap and effectively motivate employees to pursue their goals throughout a performance cycle.

Consider a performance management platform that uses generative AI technology to create goals that optimally motivate employees to strive for critical business objectives. Starting with the right goals is crucial for personal and organizational success. With this approach to goal-setting, you’ll create synergy between technology and human potential, leading your organization toward sustainable success and healthy profits.

5.  Don’t Set and Forget Goals

Failure to monitor goals can hinder progress and stunt growth. Agile goal management represents a contemporary methodology that recognizes the significance of regularly adapting to the ever-changing challenges of hybrid and virtual workspaces.

To ensure that goals engage employees, it is imperative that your continuous performance management software effectively incorporates generative AI conversations that facilitate routine check-ins and performance discussions. These conversations should conform to the best practices in leadership and performance theory, harmonizing technology and human interaction to guarantee constant growth and development, all while accomplishing the organization’s most critical goals.

6.  Don’t Ghost Performance

Ghosting in modern relationships extends to leadership roles, where leaders often need to provide regular feedback, recognition, and one-on-one conversations with employees—but often don’t because they are too busy and the process is too time-consuming. Ignoring performance conversations can have a devastating impact on employee engagement. Ignoring your people harms morale, productivity, and overall performance, pushing employees towards disengagement and potentially prompting them to seek new opportunities, impacting the bottom line.

Consistent communication through one-to-one collaboration rooted in leadership best practices. Effective one-to-one collaboration, enhanced by Inspire's AI-assisted conversation starters, fosters constructive feedback loops, resulting in a more engaged, motivated, and high-performing workforce. Generative AI tools facilitate these conversations, helping leaders respond to their team's performance needs and aligning with world-class leadership theories like situational and servant leadership. In this environment, the "people plus performance equals profits" equation thrives, inspiring the company toward its goals of client satisfaction and healthy profits.

7.  Embrace Intelligent Performance Reviews

In the relentless pursuit of profitability, businesses have often adhered to the age-old tradition of annual performance reviews. However, a closer analysis of these traditional, time-consuming, and subjective reviews reveals their significant downsides. Delays in feedback, often spanning an entire year, hinder real-time performance improvement. Moreover, the inherent bias in subjective evaluations can lead to skewed results, affecting employee morale and trust.

In this era of innovation, the paradigm is shifting towards ongoing, data-driven, and objective performance reviews. Generative AI technology now plays a pivotal role by summarizing regular performance conversations, feedback, and recognition during consistent one-to-one collaboration throughout a performance cycle. This dynamic approach ensures that performance assessments are timely, reduce bias, and are aligned with tangible achievements, enabling companies to harness the power of "people plus performance equals profits" more effectively than ever before.

Empower Your Organization to Thrive through Intelligent Performance Solutions

In the evolving business world, making a profit largely depends on how well people and performance work together. For a company to succeed in today's workforce, it must address seven critical challenges in managing performance. Upgrading your performance process means adapting performance management to meet the needs of a digital-first, modern, and intelligent workforce.

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