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Which Fictional Movie Organization Is Most Like Your Current Workplace?

Beth Thornton

October 11, 2018

Do you ever watch a movie or a tv show and notice the similarities between the fictional company or organization and your own place of work? Take the 1999 film Office Space for example. Just because you have Hawaiian Shirt Fridays doesn’t mean your teams are going to be productive and efficient leaders in their own space. Employees need opportunities for growth and development to thrive in what they do. That’s where leadership development comes in:

  • 89% of executives feel the need to strengthen, re-engineer and improve organizational leadership is important or very important.
  • 76% of employees want opportunities for career growth.
  • 7 out of 10 employees say that opportunities for training and development influence their decision to stay with their current employer.

The truth is, leadership development helps create a culture of productivity and efficiency in your organization. It helps employees feel important and provides them with goals and improvement to further their professional careers. Doing so adds value to your business that employees are sure to appreciate (i.e. learning and development opportunities like leadership development).

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Take our quiz and see which fictional company your leadership development is most like and how Inspire Software can help you improve!

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