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How to Manage Burnout During a Crisis [Infographic]

Beth Thornton

March 20, 2020

With much of the workforce moving to work-from-home for an indiscernible amount of time, employers are trying to keep their people happy, healthy, and productive while everyone adjusts to their new settings. Burnout and loneliness are a big challenge for remote workers — 82% report feeling frazzled from the stress and pressure of proving their worth from afar. 

Worried about your employees and potential #BurnOut while we’re all working from home? Check out this infographic from @InspireSoftware about keeping employees engaged and happy during a crisis:Tweet This!

Check out this infographic that illustrates what employers can do to relieve the stress and reduce burnout out in their employees while we all work together to get through this unprecedented and unpredictable time: