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Why Your Organization Should Focus on Professional Growth

Beth Thornton

June 5, 2017


Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. Unhappy, unmotivated employees will reflect poorly on your company. Employees who don’t want to work or who aren’t satisfied with their jobs, will not do their best to grow your brand. High employee morale, on the other hand, can push your business to the top. Luckily, there are things you can do as a manager to ensure employee satisfaction. It all starts with fostering a workplace environment that focuses on professional growth.

How to Enhance Employee Satisfaction

The average worker isn’t satisfied with a living wage and full-time hours. It’s not enough to go to work, put in the hours, and take home a paycheck. In the dynamic modern-day business environment, employees want more. They want to feel that they are making a difference in the world and working toward something greater. They need goals, feedback, and a supportive company culture. It’s up to you as the manager to ensure this is how your employees feel when they come to work each day. How is this possible? Start by changing your priorities. 

It’s natural for a manager or CEO to focus on the health of the company. Growth charts, quarterly reports, bottom lines…this is the stuff the C-suite is made of. Yet a successful, modern business must focus on more than just profits to succeed. Savvy customers see right through profit-hungry brands. Instead, customers want to buy from companies they can feel proud to support. They want personalized service and an enterprise that makes its employees happy. Take Google, for example. Its exquisite company culture and employee perks have made headlines around the world, leading to even more support for the brand.

You can achieve genuine employee satisfaction by focusing on worker happiness instead of just the financial side of business. Ask your team what you could do to improve their happiness. They may ask for simple changes, such as more ergonomic desk chairs. They may also suggest larger changes, like including lower-level staff in big meetings. Listen to your employees’ needs and concerns, and see what you can do to boost morale. One of the biggest ways you can keep your staff satisfied is by enabling their professional growth.

The Importance of Professional Growth in the Workplace

Professional growth can mean many things. On the literal level, it can mean expanding your horizons as a professional (i.e., receiving promotions and training). On a psychological level, it means feeling satisfied with your career and workplace experience. Encouraging professional growth in your enterprise will not only lead to more qualified and hardworking employees – it will also enhance worker satisfaction. An organization committed to its employees’ success will reap rewards of higher employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Promote professional growth by including your employees in company decisions. Hold meetings that include everyone, and give your employees opportunities to move up with defined career paths. Offer ways for employees to grow, such as paid seminars or leadership trainings. Show that you care about your employees’ success within the workplace and that you support their desire to make more out of the professional experience. The more you do to improve the employee experience, the more your workers will do to improve your company.