How to Create a Successful Leadership Development Program

June 19, 2018 | Tom Flies

Leadership development programs are often overlooked, leaving company leaders floundering for a way to rise in their departments.

How can you create a program that lets your leaders thrive and move through the ranks at your company? You may have a program set up already, but does it do what it needs to do to create the impact you want?

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Here are some pointers to help you create the best possible program for both your company and your leaders.

Define your leadership goal and needs

Every company has leadership needs in order to keep employees engaged, motivated, and to grow. Needs can be translated into leadership skills like: feedback, listening, goal-setting, influencing, etc. Those skills should be defined as requirements when building a leadership development program.

Along with skills that need to be identified as an organization, you should identify where the gaps are in your leadership now and what needs to be done to fill them. Think futuristically about things that may pop up you want to be prepared for. If you’re losing employees in a department, especially leaders, take a closer look at the leader culture in the department to understand their needs.

Think about the goals you have as an organization, making sure to align them to your client’s goals and the market. Make sure your leadership development program can support those goals. For example, if your organization is projected to grow quickly over the next couple years – is your leadership development program cut out to build leaders quickly? Will you be able to scale your leadership development program across the bigger organization? Sit down with your employees and figure out exactly what everyone needs to do and where they need to be at the end of the week or month and then build a leadership plan based off those goals.

Your leadership development program should be ingrained into your culture. Where everyone is on the same page and speaking the same leadership language across the organization built around goals and conversations. Think about what leadership means to your company and develop a structured, goal-oriented culture within your leadership programs to help keep your future leaders on path to achieve that definition.

Shape your leaders

Not every employee has the skills to lead others. It’s possible that some individuals are thrown into the position, left to figure out how to run their department while others crave to be in a leadership role but lack the confidence or a clear path. Create a program to help in any situation. Whether individuals need preparation for a role or would like to learn about self-leadership, your program should help shape instead of train.

Creating a culture of leadership in your organization is very important. Improving the program you have now and flipping it into a program to support ongoing leadership for employees at the company based on situation and contexts will ensure you don’t run out of organizational leaders. Leadership isn’t one-size fits all and you’ll have to develop this program to be inclusive for your co-workers strengths, weaknesses and interests as a leader.

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Leaders aren’t manufactured, they have to be nurtured and developed, even while in a leadership role, into someone that makes an impact. Think about how your leadership development program can put future leaders into situations to help them grow and learn and as an ongoing practice rather than a one-time or annual event.

Have the software to help you do it

Although leadership development programs are important, you can’t do it all alone, which is where leadership development software can help. It’s important to keep development going and be able to measure the results of your efforts at an organization, department, team and individual level. Inspire Software’s leadership development programs ensures your employees are ready for the next step in their career and continues to help them along the way.

Their software has a comprehensive framework that can provide you with things like integrated leadership approach to empower your employees. Inspire helps you figure out exactly what your company needs in a leader and helps you build a program based off of those.

Employees want to grow and develop and there’s always a need for new leaders to step up and take the reigns. Make sure you’re ready for the next leadership change with a program to ensure your leaders know what they need to do.

Inspire Software helps get your leaders where they need to be with a software that knows where your company needs to be. Request a demo and learn more today!

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